Supportive Programme for professorial staff

As a caring employer Ghent University promotes a talent-driven HR policy. The career model for our professorial staff is based on trust, intrinsic motivation, open feedback culture, and collaboration. This is a fertile ground for innovative research, excellent education and good leadership.

We developed tailormade career support for professors, embedded in a wider learning and development offer for all Ghent University co-workers.

Support for newly appointed professors

Guidance and advice

Your faculty is your first point of contact when you have any questions regarding your professorial career, such as:

  • Questions about your integration text or reflection report
  • Information about the training programme
  • Support in your role as department chair
  • Guidance in constructive collaboration with team members
  • ...

The HR advisor forms a liaison between the faculties and the HR department of Ghent University. Next to that, an HR advisor is part of your individual HR committee which guides, coaches and evaluates you throughout the different steps of your professorial career.

Individual coaching

You can make an appointment for an individual meeting with one of our . We use a strengths based approach in which we can help you to discover your talents, competencies, and energy drivers as to improve your efficiency and work satisfaction. It gives you the opportunity to take one step back and to reflect upon your professional and personal ambitions, the hurdles to take in your career, the challenges you encounter, and to increase your self-awareness.

Topics that can be discussed:

  • Career goals
  • Leadership style or role
  • Time-management
  • Work-life balance
  • Communication skills
  • Talents, competencies, drivers

Online tools

Toolbox for supervisors

This toolbox provides you support in taking up your role and responsibilities as supervisor. We offer concrete tools, reading, listening and viewing tips on challenges you might encounter as supervisor. Read more

Tools focused on your role as PhD supervisor:

  • Your role as PhD supervisor: Being a PhD supervisor at Ghent University comprises a wide range of responsibilities, commitments, skills and competencies. The leadership roles and the charter for PhD candidates and supervisors can guide you in taking up your role. 

Training programme

The career development office offers a wide range of in-house training and workshops for all Ghent University staff.

Tailormade courses for professors

Courses open to all staff

  • Develop your general knowledge and skills in the following domains: communication, ICT, leadership, career, organization, stress management, and language.
  • Develop your Ghent University’s specific knowledge and skills: Computer knowledge, financial administration, wellbeing and environment, diversity and gender, website and information management.

Register for the training programme

Go to SuccessFactors and click on "Talent management".

Cancellation policy

All courses are free of charge, but not for Ghent University! Registration involves a commitment to attend the workshops and professional attitude. Kindly thoroughly read the cancellation policy.


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