Housing facilities

Looking for a living unit in the University Halls of Residence? The Housing Office rents out rooms, studios and flats to international students, staff and visitors and can inform and advise you about the private rented sector.

In Ghent, there is a high demand for housing in the first semester. In the second semester, the housing market is more relaxed. It is then easier to find a suitable living unit.

Update 03.04.2024: there are still rooms available in Ghent and a couple of rooms plus in Bruges for the second semester of academic year 2023-2024.
Applications for the academic year 2024 -2025 are possible from May 1st onwards.

Information about our Halls of Residence

The University Halls of Residence have a great deal to offer

  • We offer short-stay possibilities, based on your enrollment at Ghent University
  • The use of electricity, water, internet,... is included in the rental fee.
  • The deposit fee is limited.
  • Furniture and a starting set of bed linen are provided.
  • Facilities are on-site: a common room, a bicycle park, and a laundry room.
  • Peace & quiet, at night and during exam periods
  • 24/7 on-site support.

Get acquainted with our Halls of Residence by viewing the video or take a look at our Visual Guide 'Feel at home'.

I'm a tenant

in the University Halls of Residence

on the private rental market

I'd like to rent

Finding a suitable and comfortable housing unit is strenuous and will take a lot of time and energy due to the shortage of student accommodation.

A suggestion: try to move your stay, exchange or internship further down the year or to the second semester. The private rental market will have more availability.

Practical information on

the University Halls of Residence

Available locations, prices & application procedures depend on your enrolment at Ghent University

The private rental market

I want to sublet my room

Sublease, what is that?

Are you doing an internship outside Ghent or going on an exchange program abroad for a few months, and will you not be needing your room for a while?

Did you know that in that case you can sublet your room to someone else?

Subletting offers you many advantages!
      • You don't have to give up your room where you like to stay
      • You don't have to look for another room for a shorter period
      • You can help another student who is looking for a room for a short period

Is it possible to sublet my room?

If you participate in a study exchange program or have to complete an internship, you have the right to sublet your room. You do not need the written permission of the landlord for this. The landlord can only object if he has a valid reason, e.g. the subtenant is not a student.

If you wish to sublet your room for any other reason, you need the written permission of the landlord.

Will I quickly find a candidate subtenant?

Absolutely. At the moment there are still many students looking for a room. Especially incoming exchange students who will only be in Ghent in the first semester are still looking.

A few hours after you have advertised your room, you may already have a candidate subtenant!

Do you want to sublet your room on the private rental market?

A step-by-step plan can be found at https://stad.gent/nl/student-gent/kotatgent/onderverhuren-doe-je-zo

For your convenience, here’s a Google-translated version of the Dutch website.

Do you want to sublet your room in the University Halls?

A step-by-step plan can be found in our FAQ for subletting

Housing in Kortrijk