Sublease in the University Halls

Sublease, what is that?

If you want to sublet your room or studio, you conclude a sublease agreement with a subtenant to which Ghent University is not a party.

You, the main tenant, must impose the same obligations as valid under your rental agreement, including these regulations, on the subtenant and you may not ask for a higher rent than the rent you pay yourself (no profit).

You, the main tenant, remains liable towards UGent with regard to the contractual rental obligations, including compliance with these regulations
, which does not alter the fact that UGent can take (disciplinary) measures with regard to the subtenant if he/she commits violations of these regulations, disrupts the order and/or commit disciplinary offences.

Who can sublet my room or studio?

The subtenant must have an approved registration as a student at Ghent University.

The subtenant is registered with a diploma or credit contract or is registered as an incoming exchange student. Foreign students are therefore also eligible.

If you have found a potential candidate and want to check whether he/she is eligible, you can ask us via

Where can I advertise my room or studio?

You can advertise your room or studio on Kotatgent

Also the Housing Office can announce your vacant housing unit to interested subtenants.

To do this, download this form and return it to Nathalie Geeraerts.

Interested subtenants will contact you directly (and quickly!).

What else do I have to take into account?

Provide the address and contact details of the subtenant, and a copy of the subletting agreement to the Housing Office, before the planned commencement date. Preferably do this by email via

It is recommended to use the available Dutch or English model contract from Ghent University. 

Think of a deposit (maximum two months' rent) and a complete state of finding at check-in and check-out. You can use our inventory forms as a basis. You must hand over your key and badge to the subtenant yourself.