Lifelong learning

Nova Academy is fast becoming synonymous with lifelong learning. The University of Antwerp, Ghent University, and the VUB are coming together to join forces in the field of lifelong learning.

Nova AcademyOn the Nova Academy website, you can find information and easily search all of the options for lifelong learning at the three universities. This includes all the courses, lectures, and study days available at the three institutions, whether you are looking for further academic training or refresher courses.

This includes one-off events, short modules, lectures, and longer training programmes lasting one year or even longer, alongside postgraduate programmes. The courses currently offered by each university will stay the same, but programmes will be streamlined, with some more in-depth options and a bigger range.

In the future, we will also be developing new (training) initiatives; flexible forms of training, as well as teaching activities using the latest forms of technology for online teaching, for recording and streaming lessons, and for blended learning. This will make it possible to provide the greatest added value in the field of lifelong learning.

Investing in lifelong learning is an absolute priority for us. alliance. People don’t stop learning once they get their degree; in a society with fast-changing technology it is important for everyone to keep renewing and expanding their skills. Universities have an important role to play in society, and this is precisely why we must keep investing in the field.
Rik Van de Walle, Ghent University rector

Is lifelong learning for you?

The answer, of course, is “yes”! The lifelong learning programmes cater to people who are looking for training for either personal or professional reasons.

Perhaps you already have a bit of work experience under your belt but you would like to take some further courses to make your CV really stand out? Good idea – the world is changing fast, so it’s essential to keep pace. And Nova Academy is absolutely the right place to come to widen your horizons.

Maybe you are interested in exploring a new direction after many years of professional experience? Or you want to keep abreast of all developments within your discipline? Then it’s definitely worth taking a look at to find out what’s on offer.

Because it’s quite clear that the learning process doesn’t stop after one graduates – and this is true for everyone!

There are many options for lifelong learning within the different institutions, but it’s rather fragmented. Nova Academy is meant to offer one single means of sharing information with our alumni that goes beyond the existing channels. This will make it possible to get a structured overview and also search through everything we offer. It is a great chance to strengthen our partnership and together develop something really worthwhile.
Caroline Pauwels, VUB rector

Bringing learning to YOUR life

Through Nova Academy, the three universities are looking to expand the options for lifelong learning in Flanders under the motto ‘Bringing learning to life’. However, lifelong learning has to be more than this slogan, or just another “hot topic”. It has to be part of the mindset of every citizen in our society. For lifelong learning is linked to the policy goals of the Flemish government and it is also an important goal on the European level.

Our aim is to help alumni and other citizens stay connected and keep up to date with developments in their own field or in new domains, thereby meeting the needs of society. Want to find out more?