Ghent University's Strategic Policy Plan for Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning is currently a top priority for our policy makers. In this fast-changing society, it is obviously important for everyone to keep renewing and expanding their skills. You don’t stop learning once you graduate – quite the opposite!

Ghent University is fully committed to the importance of lifelong learning and the role that the university should play in this, together with other partners and organisations. Ghent University wants lifelong learning to become an integral part of the university’s programme. The main focus is no longer just on initial education, but rather on the full learning path offered by Ghent University.

Ghent University strives to support every individual who wants to keep learning and studying during their career, and hopes to encourage lifelong learning opportunities across the whole university.

Vision for lifelong learning at Ghent University:

As an academic provider, Ghent University seeks to take the latest innovations and developments in scientific research and apply these to society more broadly. To this end, the lifelong learning programme draws on top-level research and the most reliable research-based insights within each subject area.

Everyone – from alumni returning to the university for further training, to professionals who want to take their career to the next level through lifelong learning, working students, mature students, or simply those who are interested in developing their skills for whatever reason – can find state-of-the-art knowledge and training at Ghent University.

Ghent University’s vision is for lifelong learning courses to be recognised as an integral part of the university’s educational programme, rooted in the faculty structures that are fully embedded in the university and in academic research. The most important aim of the university-wide lifelong learning project is to ensure that faculties receive as much support as possible in their work, while working to minimise any obstacles and difficulties.

Strategic policy plan for lifelong learning

Building on Ghent University’s mission and vision for lifelong learning, a strategic policy plan has been developed and was presented to the Board of Governors.

The strategic policy plan outlines the following action points:

  1. There is a clear framework for the lifelong learning programmes.
  2. The lifelong learning policy is monitored by a Commission for Lifelong learning.
  3. Lifelong learning is embedded in (inter)faculty institutes.
  4. Registration and administrative management of the lifelong learning offer takes place via efficient online platforms.
  5. Participation in lifelong learning is clearly attested.
  6. The lifelong learning offer is designed in line with the Blend@UGent vision.
  7. The lifelong learning programmes offer the possibility of stacking and combining separate initiatives.
  8. Partners from the world of work are also closely involved in developing the lifelong learning programmes.
  9. The organisation of all lifelong learning initiatives is sustainably self-supporting on a university-wide level.
  10. Quality assurance of lifelong learning is part of the institution's quality assurance policy for education.
  11. A lifelong learning coordinator is appointed to implement the lifelong learning policy.
  12. The University of Antwerp, Ghent University, and the VUB work together in the field of lifelong learning within Nova Academy.