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When applying for an opening, follow the instructions mentioned. We do not accept open job applications.


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Recruitment workflow

The following steps in recruitment workflow in the event of a contract (i.e. you are on the university payroll) are generally followed:

  1. The supervisor selects a viable candidate and sends a recruitment proposition to the Recruitment Office.
  2. The Recruitment Office starts up a file within the most suitable staff category and contacts the candidate for the necessary documents. If applicable, the process of obtaining the correct entry permit is instigated.
  3. The Recruitment Office sends the required information and/or forms to the candidate.
  4. On arrival, the candidate will be invited by the Welcome Team.

Depending on the specific job category, different regulations and workflow may apply.

2014-2017HR Excellence in Research

Ghent University sets out its priorities for a good university-wide human resources management for the period 2014-2017.

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