Bicycle rent and repair

Bicycle rent

De Fietsambassade Gent (Bike Embassy Ghent) gives students and staff members the opportunity to rent a bike for a few months or even during one year.

Company bicycle

(Faculty) departments can offer their staff a UGent company bike for work-related trips. For more information contact the secretariat of your department.

Bicycle stands and sheds

Most UGent campuses offer their students and staff bike stands or even (secured) sheds. These sheds are often accessible via a special key.

Bicycle repair

Bike repair shops

Students can make use of several bike repair shops: 

Mobile bike repair service (staff only)

All staff members who use a bike (their own, rented or company bike) for their daily commute to work can count on the service of a mobile bike repair service when their precious mode of transport breaks down.

Accidents do happen...

It is advisable to arrange an extra third party liability insurance if you often bike around Ghent. Visit the insurance website.

Anti-theft tips

  • Always secure your bike (even if you leave it for just a second).
  • Secure your bike to a pole, fence, bike stand etc. (never to a traffic sign).
  • Use a sturdy lock.
  • Make sure that removing your bike takes some time (e.g. use two locks).
  • Leave your bike at a safe and visible place (preferably a bike shed or stand). Avoid dark or abandoned places.

Another way to prevent bike theft is registering your bike. This means a number is engraved into the frame of your bike. Registering is free at the bike repository (Kattenberg 2):

In the unlucky event your bike does get stolen, always file a report at the local police station. Also, take a look at the bike repository: all lost and found bikes are stored there. Bring a copy of the police report.

City of Ghent and bicycles

Ghent presents itself as a bike-friendly city, offering a multitude of (secured) bike sheds and/or stands, numerous bike rent companies and a special bike registration.

Look for a second-hand bike:

  • At the special second-hand bike market: two Saturdays per year (Gent Zuid - Woodrow Wilson Square)
  • Second-hand shops ('kringloopwinkel')

Get some air at the free Ghent bicycle pumps:

  • Library (Gent Zuid)
  • De Fietsambassade Gent (Voskenslaan - behind Station St Pieters)
  • Belfry (Emile Braun Square)