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Do you want to study or work at Ghent University, a top 100 university in one of the most beautiful cities in the world? Discover the vibrant pulse of Ghent University's campus life!

Ghent: offbeat city in the heart of Europe

Discover Ghent: a human-scale city with the heartbeat of a metropolis, a city of trailblazers and free spritis and an authentic place with a rich past and an exciting future.

Ghent is a vibrant city in the centre of Europe. Combining historical beauty with culture, creativity and an excellent restaurant and nightlife scene, Ghent is called Europe’s best kept secret by Lonely Planet and ranked as the third most authentic destination in the world according to National Geographic Traveler Magazine.

Ghent is Ghent University and vice versa: the city and the university are complementary partners. Ghent University regularly meets the city council for informative discussions between city, university and students, about hot topics such as environmental and waste disposal policies.

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Looking for a comfortable and high quality living unit to rent at a competitive price?

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RestaurantsResto Campus Ardoyen

Ghent University has a wide range of student restaurants. Staff are also welcome. They are all situated in the vicinity of the faculties. Service and food are of a high quality, the prices are the lowest in town.

Ghent University boasts a fully-equipped sports centre (called "GUSB"):

  • 3 large and 2 small halls for indoor activities
  • A 25-meter swimming pool
  • An instruction pool
  • 2 saunas
  • ...

Special attention is devoted to sports for disabled students. The university also offers individual supporting services and counselling for students who are actively involved in top-class sports.

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Bicycle rent and transportStudent fietst aan Campus Tweekerken

The car-free city centre is tailor-made for the pedestrian and the cyclist.

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With bus and tram you can reach any part of the city quickly and easily (even on weekend evenings) and taxis are also readily available.

Getting around in Ghent

Our university is not located on one campus, like many other universities. Most faculties have a building of their own.

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Cost of living in Belgium

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Job service for studentsStudent bij jobdienst

Ghent University has a job database in order to help students find a suitable student job.

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Everyday life and familyKinderopvang UGent

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There is so much to experience at Ghent University and in the city of Ghent! Looking for a student association? Visit our science museum, the GUM (Ghent University Museum). Join one of our choirs or orchestras. Discover our regional platforms. And more!

ProgrammesStudenten aula

Curious to see if one of our programmes is the perfect fit for you? We offer master programmes, postgraduate studies and exchange programmes taught in English. Or maybe you're more interested in PhD studies or courses for Lifelong learning?