Money & banking

The Belgian currency is the Euro (€, EUR). All prices in Belgium include VAT and service.

You will need money the moment you arrive. You can bring a certain amount of Euro or foreign currency into Belgium - but remember to check your own country's foreign exchange regulations. Currency exchange offices are open at airports and main railway stations. Once here, you can change large-denomination Euro notes into coinage. You may need cash to make telephone calls, deposit luggage, pay taxis, or buy tram tickets.

UGent bank details

  • IBAN Bank account number:
    • General: BE59-3900-965800-26
    • Tuition fees: BE48-390-0965801-27 (International students: transferring money to the UGent account is only possible after you have been handed/send a bank transfer form)
  • Bank address: ING België, Business Centre Gent, Kouter 173, 9000 Gent
  • VAT: BE248.015.142

Detailed information