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Where to eat during Easter holidays?
Every day two soups on the menu!
NEW: Cafeteria De Brug is now open an hour longer. You can go there until 5 pm to beat your afternoon slump.

Menu cafeterias and restaurants

What's on the menu? Allergens information

Soup, warm meals and cold meals:

During the week of March 27 to March 31 (just before the Easter holidays) we empty our refrigerators to minimize food losses. Therefor, the menu in Resto Merelbeke and Coupure will be somewhat different: everyday spaghetti and soy spaghetti + extra dishes.

Salad bowls

  • Falafel bowl - veggie: Falafel, fine endive, rocket lettuce, carrot, red bell pepper, tomato, hummus, spicy celeriac salad, tomato tapenade € 5,00
  • Caesar salad bowl: Chicken, fine endive, grana padano cheese, croutons (packed separately), radish, shallot, white celery, spicy celeriac salad, Caesar dressing (packed separately) € 5,00
  • Spirelli bowl with white cheese and winter vegetables - veggie: Spirelli, white cheese, radicchio, butternut squash, mushroom, honey mustard vinaigrette € 5,00
  • Gnocchi bowl with chicken: Gnocchi, chicken, tomato tapenade with basil, sun-dried tomatoes, radicchio, tomato, fennel, zucchini, endive, grana padano € 5,00

Soup of the day

  • 350 ml - € 1,15
  • 700 ml - € 1,75

Sandwiches (baguette: white or multigrain)

  • Cheese - veggie: Cheese, egg, cucumber, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise € 2,85
  • Maison: Ham, cheese, pickle, egg, lettuce, tomato, cocktail sauce € 3,25
  • Caesar: Chicken strips, Gran Moravia cheese flakes, croutons, lettuce and Caesar dressing € 3,05
  • Tuscany: Mozzarella, prosciutto ham, lettuce and tomato salsa €3,30
  • Vegetable spread: Weekly changing veggie or vegan vegetable spread, cucumber, tomato and lettuce € 3,25
  • Smoked salmon and herb cheese: Lettuce and onion cubes € 3,55
  • Tomato-Mozzarella - veggie: Basil pesto and lettuce € 3,55
  • Egg salad made of oyster mushrooms - vegan: plant-based egg spread, cucumber, tomato and lettuce € 3,20
  • Chicken curry spread*: Egg, cucumber, lettuce, tomato € 2,95
  • Goat's cheese*** - veggie: apple, honey, lettuce € 2,95
  • Preparé**: Egg, cucumber, lettuce, tomato € 3,10
  • Brie****: Honey and lettuce € 2,80

*Not in Merelbeke & Heymans

**Only in Cafeteria De Brug and cafeteria UZ Gent

***As of 20 March, no longer on the menu (in Ardoyen: 16 March)

****As of 20 March in all resto's and cafeterias except Merelbeke & Heymans

Breakfast and desserts

  • Pastry
  • Fruit
  • Yoghurt with muesli, fibres or natural
  • Greek fruit yoghurt
  • Soja dessert: vanilla or chocolat
  • Chocolat mousse, speculaas mousse, tiramisu
  • American cookies
  • Muffin, donut, cake on the go


  • Water (still/sparkling)
  • Coca Cola, Coca Cola Zero, Fanta
  • Fuze Tea
  • Finley
  • Cold chocolat milk
  • Ice coffee caramel soya
  • Coffee -> check our coffeebar in cafeteria De Brug

General information about the UGent student restaurants

Ghent University has a wide range of student restaurants. Staff are also welcome. They are all situated in the vicinity of the faculties. Service and food are of a high quality, the prices are the lowest in town. Vegetarian alternatives are available (no halal or kosher kitchen).

In our cafeterias you can order breakfast pastry, sandwiches, salad bowls and cold dishes (to heat up). All cafeterias have a dining area, however, at the moment the dining area of Ledeganck, Aula and Boekentoren are closed due to CO2-restrictions. In our restaurants you will find the same offer plus warm dishes. All restaurants have a dining area. In the dining area there is a microwave at your disposal. You can use it to heat up our cold dishes or to heat up your own dishes.

Do not forget to bring your student or personnel card with you: otherwise you must pay a higher price for your food. UGent students and personnel pay the price that is mentioned on the tv-screens, this is the subsidized price. The restaurants are open to everyone, however, depending on to which group you belong you pay a different price.

You can pay only pay cashless: use your UGent student or personell card to pay quick and contactless. Via you can put money on your card, check your balance and check your history. You can also ask for a refund of your saldo via that website. Do you need more information on the usage of Epurse? You can also pay with a credit or debit card (bancontact, Maestro, Visa, Mastercard).

Would you like a refund of your remaining credit on your epurse?
Step 1: login on your epurse account and click on your profile (yellow block)
Step 2: Click on 'Refund'
Step 3: Agree with the terms, enter your bank account number and click send
Applications are processed weekly.

Restaurants and cafeterias: opening hours and location

Order your sandwich, salad bowl or cold dish online via our order form

You can order your food online with same-day pick-up at a time and location of your choosing.

  • Please place your orders before 10AM for the noon service and before 5PM for the evening service
  • Take your order number to the restaurant and the customer flow will guide you to the pick-up point where an employee will give you your order.

Important: there are no separate pick-up points for online orders because we do not have the space to organize this extra customer flow. Except in Resto De Brug, the pick up point is at the start of the free flow.