Overview of the different rates


The mentioned prices on the website and in the restaurants are only applicable to authorised UGent students and employees. Our restaurants are open to everyone, but depending on to which group you belong you pay a different price.

The non-subsidized price = the subsidized price * 2,51 + (12%VAT(food) or 21%VAT(beverage)).

UGent students and employees and HoGent empoyees subsidized price
HoGent students subsidized price * 1,08
Artevelde Hogeschool students

In Resto Kantienberg: subsidized price * 1,4

Everywhere else: non-subsidized price

Alumni, retired employees UGent and UZ Gent, UZ Gent employees

subsidized price  + (12%VAT(food) or 21%VAT(beverage))

Vlerick employees and students and students Talencentrum

subsidized price

Everyone else, including non-authorised customers belonging to one of the above mentioned groups

subsidized price


Warning: When you receive a new UGent card, you can use the card only the day after.


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