My address

The specific address of your living unit is not known beforehand since changes are possible until the last moment..
The final address will be mentioned on your tenancy agreement, which you will receive upon check-in.

Here is an example of how you should write your address, using the keychain

56 = site          01 = building          130 = '3' refers to the floor on which the room is          075 = '75' refers to the room number on the floor

My mail

Mail is delivered directly to your mailbox. You can find your personal mailbox in or near the entrance hall of your residence.
Mail that cannot be delivered to you directly, is left at the reception desk of Home Vermeylen. We will notify you by email when it has arrived. It is compulsory to bring your ID or student card.
Please note that we will not accept or sign for parcels. Please use a pick-up point or parcel shop to receive parcels or items ordered from commercial companies.

Please do not forget to fill in a mutapost-form at a local post office in case you are expecting correspondence after your check-out. 
Letters and parcels for former residents are normally being sent back to sender. This is however not the case with activation codes for residence cards.

My mailbox

Your mailbox number has 3 digits. Please use the correct mail box and please, inform your correspondents or your correct address.

For example:

Anna Sanchez
Home Uppsala
Stalhof 49 – room 528
B-9000 Gent, Belgium