Rental invoice and deposit refund

Your rental invoice

The monthly invoice will be sent to you by email. 

If you have any questions about the invoice you received, please contact

Always mention your student or personnel number (or in case you are a visitor: your room number), this allows us to process your questions more quickly and effectively.

Do you want to check your payments? You can easily do so via Oasis (only applicable for students) by selecting "financial" in the left column. There you can find a detailed overview regarding all your invoices. Due to the large number of residents in the University Halls of Residence, we do not check receipt of payments. Only in case of payment problems, we will check your account.

PhD-students, staff and visitors who live in a single studio can pay their invoice by credit card at the reception desk in Home Vermeylen. We accept Visa or MasterCard.

Your deposit refund

When you applied for accommodation via the website, you were asked to fill out your bank data (from your bank account at home).

If you wish to modify the data: log in to the Oasis website ( to complete that information.

Your bank data are essential to be able to refund your housing deposit into your account, after departure.

Please note that Oasis is only available to students. Staff and visitors need to give their bank account details by e-mail via before departure.

You may expect the refund within 2 months after termination of the tenancy agreement.