Homes & residences: who and what is insured?

Ghent University has taken out a collective fire insurance policy for the residents of the university homes and residences.

This insurance is free of charge and covers the tenant’s liability in the event of fire or damage caused to the building or to third parties.

Please note:

  • this is a complementary policy and will only offer coverage if the tenant has not taken out any other (fire) insurance to cover the damage.
  • the tenant’s personal belongings are NOT covered.
  • the insurance will be null and void in the event of malicious intent.

How do I report damage?

  • Any damage must be notified to the Housing Office within 8 days.
  • A claim form must be filled out and returned to the Housing Office.
  • A confirmed truthful and sincere statement of the estimated damage must be sent (by e-mail) to the Department of Administrative Affairs - Legal Office

An expert will make an inventory of the damage on site.


Department of Administrative Affairs - Legal Office 

Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 25 

9000 Ghent 

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