Who and what is insured?

Ghent University has taken out a collective fire insurance policy for all residents. This insurance is free of charge and covers the tenant’s liability for damage that he/she might cause to the building or to third parties.

Please note:

  • this is a complementary policy and will only offer cover if the tenant has not taken out any other insurance to cover the damage.
  • the tenant’s personal property is not covered.
  • the insurance will be null and void in the event of malicious intent.

How do I report damage?

  • Any damage must be notified to the Housing Office within 8 days.
  • A claim form must be filled out and returned to the Housing Office.
  • Send a ’confirmed truthful and sincere’ statement of the estimated damage to the office of Legal Affairs department.

An expert will make an inventory of the damage on site.

Information: Office of Legal Affairs, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 25, 9000 Gent, call 09 264 31 40 or send an email to verzekeringen@UGent.be