Safety Stewards

Safety Stewards

Are you a resident in one of Ghent University Halls of Residence?
Are you proficient in the English language?
Are you enthusiastic and driven to participate in (fire)safety in your home?
Are you available for a whole semester?

Quickly register as a Safety Steward!

What is a Safety Steward?

Safety Stewards are residents of home Kantienberg who contribute to (fire)safety in their home.

Safety Stewards pay attention to unsafe situations, defects (in particular in terms of firesafety) in their home and they also report them to the Housing Office or Emergency Centre of Ghent University.

They also help in case of an incident and if necessary they assist their co-residents to evacuate as quickly as possible in a safe and efficient way.

During an evacuation (exercise) , safety Stewards wear a yellow signalisation coat.

What do we offer?

  • An interesting experience
  • A participation certificate
  • A reward of at least 108 €
  • A basic first aid and firefighting course (3 hours)

What do we expect?

Safety Stewards:

  • Attend the information session on becoming a safety Steward and the emergency procedures at UGent.
  • Are first point of contact for co-residents concerning fire safety and emergency procedures.
  • Report unsafe situations to the Housing Office or Emergency Centre of UGent.
  • Are present and assist during the announced evacuation exercise.
  • Assist at a real evacuation.

Important dates

Information sessions (mandatory) to be announced
First aid / fire protection course (not mandatory) to be announced
Evacuation exercise (mandatory) to be announced


More about the first aid/fire fighting courses and evacuation exercise during the information sessions!

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