Emergency Centre

The security department Emergency Centre can be reached 24h/24h in case of emergency and for non-urgent assistance.

In case of emergency

Call the emergency number (09 264 88) 88
  • Threats against individuals, fire, explosion, bomb threat, ...
  • Medical emergency, accident with hazardous product, ...
  • Severe electrical failure, severe flooding, person/people stuck in elevator, ...
  • Shocking event
  • ...

Non-urgent assistance

When there is no more danger, you can contact the Security department on the non-urgent number or by e-mail.

Even if an incident is under control without outside assistance, please contact the Security department for reasons of repairs, insurance, liability, ...

Security department
Stalhof 6
9000 Gent
T +32 9 264 71 25

Please provide as much information as possible:

  • WHO: your name and how to reach you
  • WHAT: the nature of the incident
  • WHERE: the exact location of the incident (complete address, site, building, floor, room number)
  • SEVERITY of the problem
  • Emergency Centre
    Emergency Centre
    What kind of HELP is needed* (fire department, ambulance, police department, …) + information about what kind of help is already on site
  • VICTIMS: are there people hurt or missing, what is the nature of their injuries, ...
  • SUBSTANCES: which hazardous substances were used
  • CONTACT: who can we reach on site

Response from the Security department

When receiving your (emergency) call, the Security department takes immediate action. 

  • Gathering information through targeted questions
  • Analyzing the information received
  • Perform basic operations, such as:
    • Notify internal services
    • Call emergency services
    • Send people on site (security, technical team, ...)
    • Making information available in a database


The Emergency Centre is insured against physical or material damage arising from the performance of its private security activities. Injured parties may apply directly to AG Insurance, Avenue Emile Jacqmain 53, 1000 Brussels with policy number 99.661.964.

Complaint handling

Licensed by FOD BiZa as internal security service - BE0248.015.142

It is important that every person can be served according to his/her wishes and in compliance with the legislation applicable to our sector. We will therefore always make every effort to strive for maximum satisfaction with our service. Given that the main asset of our service is its employees and that as human beings we are not infallible, there is a chance that not all the expectations of our - professional - relations will be met according to their expectations. This is why we believe it is important to have a good complaint handling, combined with a good communication to all involved.