Please find all relevant information about your check-in on this FAQ.


Welcome to the University Halls of Residence!

Coronavirus measures and guidelines


As an incoming international student you will have to follow the necessary guidelines
You might need to quarantine or get tested, depending on your vaccination and current country you are residing in. Please let us know in case you need to quarantine: we can provide necessary cutlery and a microwave oven for the period of your quarantine.

Coronavirus measures and guidelines are in force in the University Halls of Residence.

The university relies on common sense and good citizenship of every resident and trusts you to comply with the measures and guidelines in order to take care of yourself and those around you. Checks will be carried out, and infringements will be sanctioned.

Please see


You can check in from the starting date (mentioned in the confirmation of accommodation e-mail that you received), from 2 p.m. onwards. Please note that it is not possible to check in any earlier that day and that check-in is only possible during opening hours.

In case you would arrive earlier, a limited number of lockers are available for a few hours, but strictly on a "first come first served" basis.

Terms and conditions?

In case you wish to change the period for which you have made a reservation, please inform us at least one month before the start of the above confirmed period. After that time, requests for changing the period will no longer be accepted and the rent will be due for the confirmed period. 
Please note at all times our terms and conditions, mentioned on our webpages as well as our tenancy agreement and our internal rules and regulations.

My address?

The specific address of your living unit is not known beforehand since changes are possible until the last moment.
The final address will be mentioned on your tenancy agreement, which you will receive upon check-in.
An English translation of our contracts is already available.

You can use the general address of our Housing Office, Stalhof 6, as your reference address for the Passenger Locator Form.

Only once you signed your tenancy agreement (which is not possible before your check-in), you can notify the Migration Office of the city of Ghent by completing the Online Arrival Form.


On arrival, we will explain to you how to pay the rent (and deposit). Please note that there is no need to pay anything pre-arrival, nor upon your check-in.
A monthly invoice will be sent to you by email, the deposit will be charged on your first invoice (if applicable). You should settle each invoice within 30 days.
Even to pay the first invoice, you'll have plenty of time to open a Belgian bank account (in case you would need one).

My room?

Please find some pictures and an inventory form of your future living unit below:

Check out the location of the major campuses of Ghent University on this map of Ghent.

More information?

Even after reading our practical guide (NL-EN), you still might have some questions regarding your stay in the University Halls of Residence specifically.
To answer your questions, we organize non-obligated pre-arrival Q&A-sessions with your future Homemanager. Feel free to join us on Microsoft Teams (no download required) by clicking on the button below: 

Every Thursday at 12.30 P.M. (CEST)

More information regarding your stay in Ghent and your experience as an international student in general can be found on the webpages of the International Support Team.

How to get to the Housing Office?


  • How to get from Brussels International Airport to Ghent?
    By train to train station GENT SINT-PIETERS (IC trains run every hour). You'll need to buy a ticket in advance, at a machine or at the front desk.
    Good to know: in case it is not automatically included in your ticket, you'll also need a DIABOLO Brussels Airport Supplement to enter the train platforms.
    Watch the instructional video on how to travel from Brussels to Ghent.
  • From Ghent Sint-Pieters station, you can take any of the buses on platform 14, 15 or 16 next to the train station and get off at stop 'Heuvelpoort'.
    You can buy a ticket at this platform or via the official application.
    Good to know: although it is a very popular bus stop, the bus doesn't automatically stop. Use the official app from De Lijn or Google Maps to get notified when you are near and should request a stop.
    The Housing Department is at only 300m walking distance.
    Watch the instructional video on how to travel from Ghent Sint-Pieters Station to the University Housing Office.

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