Terms, conditions and modifications

What if you need to extend, modify or cancel your reservation?

When you apply for a living unit in the University Halls of Residence, you agree to these terms:

Modifications and cancellations

  • All modifications and cancellations must be done in writing, stating the reason and including the necessary supporting documents.
    Re-applications must be submitted online and are only taken into consideration if there are no rent arrears.
  • In case you wish to change the period for which you have made a reservation, please inform us at least one month before the start of the confirmed period. After that time, requests for changing the period will no longer be accepted and the rent will be due for the confirmed period.

    • If you cancel your application after a living unit has been assigned to you by the Housing Office (upon which you receive a confirmation email), an administrative fee of € 100.00 will be charged, plus a fee of 2 weeks rent in case the applicant cancels the application less than 2 weeks before the start date of the requested rental period.
      For staff and visitors, the rent for a created vacancy will be charged to the department or faculty in case of cancellation and/or no-show.
      An exemption is granted to all applicants who do not meet the eligibility requirements to be able to rent a living unit in the academic year for which they have submitted an application and who inform the Housing Office of this situation timely.

  • A ‘no-show’ equals a cancellation, for which the administrative fee or - in case of staff and visitors - rent for the created vacancy will be charged.
    In this case, no exemptions are possible.

  • The tenant may terminate the tenancy agreement less than 3 months before the start date of the agreement, but must pay a termination fee of 2 months' rent. An exemption is granted to tenants who do not meet the eligibility requirements to be able to rent a living unit in the academic year for which they have submitted an application.
  • The administrative fee (and the fee of two weeks rent) will be charged by invoice to the tenant once a final decision has been made about the enrolment/registration. For staff and visitors, the rent for the caused vacancy will be charged on a WBS-element of the faculty.

  • From the start date of the tenancy agreement, you can terminate the lease if you end your enrolment or registration at Ghent University. The notice period is 1 month. The notice period of 1 month starts on the first day of the month following the receipt of the email or letter.

Other terms and regulations

Rental period

  • The minimum and maximum rental period depends on your enrolment. 
  • Check-in is possible from 2 p.m. on the start date of your reservation and is not possible during weekends, except for weekends in February, July, August and September.
  • Check-out needs to be completed by 10 a.m. on the last day of your tenancy agreement.

    Rental payment

    • The rent is due from the start till the end of the reserved period. The tenant is obliged to keep the living unit that was allocated for the duration of the tenancy agreement.
    • The costs for the consumption of water, electricity and heating, provision of bed linen, cleaning of the communal areas, repair service and use of internet are included in the monthly rent.
    • The monthly invoice will be sent to you by email. Payments have to be made by bank installments and does not need to be done before your arrival.