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Doctoral School Steering Group

The Doctoral School Steering Group is the body that determines the Doctoral School's strategic priorities. It advises the faculties and the university's administration on matters of doctoral education, and it makes sure that the university's policies align with those at the regional, federal, and European level.

Steering group composition

Our mission

The Doctoral School has a three-fold mission:

  • Support doctoral students during their doctoral research by providing
  • Stimulate the quality culture in doctoral research;
  • Promote the doctorate’s international and social image to potential researchers and the job market.

We have outlined our strategy for the next five years in our strategic policy plan 2019-2024.

Quality assurance

International mobility

Funding opportunities for incoming and outgoing international mobility:

PhD career hub

Are you thinking about a career in academia or are you considering jobs outside of academia but don't know where to start?
Visit the PhD career hub to find out about career tracks for PhDs, learning and development opportunities and how to apply for jobs.

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