Funding rules and procedures

Funding rules

Funding can be requested for attending courses that are not organised by Ghent University's Doctoral School, as part of the minimum set of the Doctoral Training Programme.

Some general rules apply:

  1. The maximum amount of reimbursable courses: three specialist courses + one transferable skills seminar (cluster Research & Valorization only). PhD students can apply for funding as long as the minimum set of the Doctoral Training Programme has not been completed.
  2. The request for funding is part of the application for recognition procedure and should be submitted at least one month prior to the start of the course. You can submit an application for recognition through Oasis:
    • Select ‘Edit curriculum’ for the current academic year in the left column
    • Select ‘Curriculum’ on your right under ‘Actions’
    • Below on your right: choose ‘Overview of applications for recognition’
      If your application receives a positive advice from the Doctoral School, requests for reimbursement should be submitted at the latest three months after completion of the course.
  3. A maximum sum of € 600,00 per course can be requested.
  4. Regular course units organised at Ghent University and other Belgian universities are (generally) free of charge for PhD students. PhD students do not need a credit contract and do not need to pay a fee when registering for a regular course unit. PhD students who do enroll for a credit contract will not be granted a refund of the tuition fee.
  5. If you have completed the minimum set of the Doctoral Training Programme, you can no longer apply for reimbursement.
  6. Costs for conferences, research visits, research mobility etc. are not reimbursable.
  7. Costs for translations, publications etc. are not reimbursable.
  8. Language courses are not reimbursable.
Funding for courses  
Max. sum (€) per student No
Max. sum (€) per course 600
Funding for training costs Yes
Funding for didactic material (handbooks, etc.) Yes
Funding for travel costs (outside Belgium only)


Funding for accommodation costs (outside Belgium only) Yes


Procedures for reimbursement of costs

There are specific procedures for reclaiming the costs from the Doctoral School.

Funding for academic staff

Academic staff wanting to organise a course (intensive seminar, summer/winter school, etc.) can apply for funding by the Doctoral School.