Sustainable water production, treatment and reuse

Target audience

PhD candidates active in the field of water research

Organizing and scientific committee

Marjolein Vanoppen (Bioscience Engineering, UGent)

Jan Arends


Advanced course to familiarize the students with actual full-scale practices and show the students how basic concepts of water treatment and production are applied in practice in line with regulation. Keywords are industrial water treatment, drinking water, process water and innovative technologies and applications for water production and treatment.


The objectives of this course are:

  • Familiarizing students with real life examples of sustainable water technology
  • Identifying how theoretical knowledge is translated into practice
  • Introduction to industrial language and customs
  • Networking with relevant representatives of the water industry

Dates and venue

Second semester, AY 2023-2024, Tuesday afternoons (15-17h), Capture (Frieda Saeysstraat 1, 9052 Gent)


Date Speaker Topic
13 February 2024 Jacob Bossaer Antarctica as a sustainable driver for water reuse
20 February 2024 Geert Potters Corrosion by Micro-organisms: a titanic catastrophe
27 February 2024 Veroline Cauberghe

We got the technology, now what? Social Sciences to understand barriers to Sustainable water transition

5 March 2024 Michel Caluwé Innovative membrane solutions in practice
12 March 2024 Niels D’Haese/Joost Van der Spurt Innovations in industrial water use
19 March 2024 Lieselot Boone/Gwenny Thomassen

Dive into the environmental impacts of water

26 March 2024 Karen Polfliet Water management in large industrial settings
6 May 2024 Site visit Dow Terneuzen/Evides


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Registration fee

Free of charge for Doctoral School members.

The no show policy applies.

Number of participants

Maximum 50



Evaluation method

80% attendance + active participation (in the form of questions/discussions with the speaker)

After successful participation, the Doctoral Schools will add this course to your curriculum of the Doctoral Training Programme in Oasis. Please note that this can take up to one to two months after completion of the course.