Applying for a post-PhD job


Career management

Target group

Members of the Doctoral Schools


Participants should have an advanced knowledge of English so the language will not form a hurdle within this course.


Through analysis of their own profile and that of a future (academic) position, participants will be able to write a cv and cover letter that clearly show their individual strengths and link these to the requirements of the position. They will be able to further illustrate this input during a job interview.    


This interactive training offers a thorough preparation for and simulation of the entire application process. It starts by focusing on the preparation of the procedure: professional self-analysis, job search and ad analysis. These insights are implemented in the written (cv, cover letter) and spoken (interview) part of the application. Authentic examples, including the participants' own input, will be used in discussion and simulation exercises to deduce tips and tricks suitable for various profiles and professional trajectories.
This course focuses on applying with an academic background, but does not restrict itself to solely applying for academic positions.
We ask all participants to bring four copies of their cv in English to the first session.

Time schedule

Course code 1 course = 3 sessions of 3 hrs Time Venue Trainer
AfPJ-223-03 13 June 2023 - 27 June 2023 14:00-17:00 Veyrac 8 Tom De Moor (UCT)
AfPJ-2223-04 21 August 2023 - 4 September 2023
16:30-19:30 Online Tom De Moor (UCT)
AfPJ-2324-01 29/11/2023 - 13/12/2023 14:00 - 17:00 Online Tom De Moor (UCT)


Registration procedure

Follow this link for the registration and waiting list. 

Registration fee

Free of charge for the members of the Doctoral Schools. The no show policy applies.





Number of participants


Evaluation criteria (doctoral training programme)

100% active participation

After successful participation, the Doctoral Schools will add this course to your curriculum of the Doctoral Training Programme in Oasis. Please note that this takes up to one to two months after completion of the course.