LISa-team tutor


Research & Valorization

Target Group

Members of the Doctoral Schools of Life Sciences and Medicine


Participating as a tutor on LISa teams offers PhD students a chance to get a taste of teaching while also honing their knowledge and skills as managers, communicators and organizers.


A new three-day training module on interprofessional collaboration: LISA teams will take place at the Faculty of Medicine of Ghent University, in collaboration with HOGENT and Artevelde Hogeschool. The IPC-ERP center (Interprofessional Collaboration in Education and Practice) is organizing the tutor training and educational three days for students and tutors for this purpose. 1000 students from 10 different programs will participate, working in small groups around interprofessional competencies.

Doctoral students can have this training module valorized as a transferable skills seminar. As a tutor you will guide, observe and evaluate 10 to 12 students from different programs, during three days. In order to optimally guide and observe the students, we organize tutor trainings and a kick-off event. Here the tutors will learn important skills in guiding, observing and evaluating the students.

The trainings and kick-off event will take place online. If you cannot be there, the recordings will be made available via Ufora. As well as the script and other relevant information will be provided on a Ufora learning path for all tutors.

Time schedule & Venue

Tutor training days

Description Date Time Venue
Training session for new tutors 14 March 2024 9:00-11:00 Online
Training session for experienced tutors 28 March 2024 14:00-15:00 Online
Training session evaluation of group product and behavioral indicators 28  March 2024 15:00-16:00 Online
Kick-off event for all tutors 29 March 2024 10:00-11:30 Online

Three-day tutoring

23-25 April 2024

Registration procedure

Here you can find the registration form.

After registration you will receive all the necessary information regarding the tutor training courses, course site on Ufora, assignments that you will supervise and the practical organization.
If you would like additional information first, please let us know at

Registration fee

Free of charge for the members of the Doctoral Schools.


Team IPC-ERP, LISa-teams, led by Prof. Peter Pype & Prof. Jessica Van Oosterwijck



Evaluation criteria (doctoral training programme)

100% participation.