Guidelines for submitting the annual self-reflection report

From 1 April until 30 June each PhD student has to upload and submit the annual self-reflection report. A positively evaluated and approved report is a necessary prerequisite for the activation of the online re-enrolment for the Doctoral Training Programme (DTP) and the doctorate for the next academic year.

Step 1

Log in to OASIS and select ‘Edit curriculum’ for the current academic year (in the left margin). (If you are enrolled in different programmes, you need to choose ‘student’ on top).

REMARK: Should you wish to check the current state of your curriculum, select your DTP and click 'Print curriculum' (after ticking box left of your student number). When clicking 'Curriculum' (right margin of the DTP box) you may not always get the full overview of your completed courses.

Step 2

Tick the small box left of your student number and select ‘self-reflection report’ (on top)

Step 3

Choose ‘add’ and upload the PDF file with your actual research report. Please note that only the PDF format is allowed. You can verify that you uploaded the correct PDF by clicking 'Show'. Next choose ‘submit’. Your supervisor(s) and doctoral guidance committee (if appointed) will then receive a request to evaluate your self-reflection report and curriculum.

Step 4

After choosing ‘back’, you can see the status of your curriculum is still ‘draft’. As long as your supervisor has not yet provided a recommendation on your self-reflection report, you’ll still be able to continue editing your curriculum.


Step 5

When choosing ‘curriculum’ > ‘view entire curriculum’ you will see that the status of your self-reflection report is ‘proposal’.


Step 6

Once your supervisor has provided a positive recommendation on your self-reflection report, the status of your curriculum will change to ‘proposal.'


Step 7

You can check you supervisor's feedback and recommendation by choosing 'self-reflection report.'

Step 8

After your supervisor has registered a positive recommendation, you will be notified by e-mail that you are able to re-enrol online, simultaneously for the doctorate and the DTP, through OASIS. Please do not forget to re-enrol before 1 October. In order to re-enrol, select 'General information' > 'Enrolments' (left margin) and click 'Re-enrol'.