Job Shadowing for PhD candidates and postdocs

Target audience

Job shadowing is open to mature PhD candidates ( ≥ 3rd year of PhD trajectory) and postdocs

UGent Coordinator

Dr. Katrien Daemen-de Gelder (Doctoral Schools Office, Ghent University)


PhD candidates and postdocs who engage in job shadowing gain insight into the work routine of a (PhD) professional, his/her role(s) and responsibilities. Job shadowing provides a better (and nuanced) understanding of the skills and competences needed to succeed and thrive in a particular job. In short, it allows to ‘test-drive’ a career.

Job shadowing gives PhD candidates and postdocs an opportunity to:

  • explore a career field and experience a typical day/couple of days on the job – no strings attached
  • assess their “fit” with a particular position or organization
  • broaden their professional network
  • add value to their CV


Job shadowing will be organized between 9 and 20 October 2023. Selected participants will have to attend a half-day preparatory training (3 October, 9 AM – 12 PM) as well as a structured debrief for (24 October, 9 AM – 12PM). Both online sessions will be offered by Frank De Craecker.

Registration and selection

Job shadowing positions offered by different companies and organisations will be advertised on the PhD Talent Pool Flanders. If you do not yet have an account on the Pool, please sign up, create a profile and upload your CV. Bear in mind that you need to sign out of any other JobTeaser platform you have registered on in order to be able to sign in to the Pool. In case you already have an account on the Pool, make sure your profile is brought up to date and your CV includes your most recent and relevant qualifications.

For quick access to an overview of the job shadowing positions on offer, consult this google form.

For some positions extra admissibility requirements such as bi-lingual skills, a working knowledge of quantitative data analysis, specific lab techniques, etc. may be stipulated. If you cannot meet the extra requirements, do not submit an application.

Before applying, PhD candidates and postdocs should make sure their schedule allows for the time commitment required to take up job shadowing. They are moreover responsible for arranging their own transportation to the company or organization offering the job shadowing opportunity, and covering any expenses made. Job shadowing is unpaid.

Moreover, taking up a job shadowing opportunity requires the approval of your supervisor.

Applications will be accepted over the summer – deadline 31 August (1 PM). Phd candidates and postdocs selected for job shadowing will be notified as of 11 September.

The facilitators will do their utmost to provide an extensive and varied offer for PhD candidates and postdocs of the 5 Flemish universities. There is, however, no guarantee of placement.

In case of further questions, do not hesitate to contact dr. Katrien Daemen-de Gelder.


For some job shadowing positions a firm knowledge of Dutch may be required. Carefully check the extra requirements – if any – per position.