Noaman Akbar Sheik


He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering (2013) and a Master’s degree in Construction Engineering and Management (2016) from National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Pakistan. His Masters research was in the domain of Labor Productivity Benchmarking where the aim was to assess the labor productivity, identify their productivity inhibitors and recommend productivity improvement strategies after a detailed ‘Activity Analysis’ on different semi high-rise building projects. Based on the outcomes, he also published his research work in ‘Engineering Journal’. In addition to academic endeavors, he also worked professionally in many capacities, particularly in planning and project management department, with the key responsibility of progress monitoring, on different construction projects related to hydropower, buildings and transport infrastructure. He started the Ph.D. at Ghent University in 2019. His current research is about construction project monitoring using BIM and reconstruction technologies.

Promotor: Greet Deruyter & Peter Veelaert