For all (sustainable) energy related work of the Sustainable Thermo-Fluid Energy Systems research group, we refer to the EnerGhentIC consortium.

Our work in Flanders Make is bundled in the Machineries & Factories consortium.

Applied thermodynamics & heat-transfer

  • Advisory work in industrial heating and cooling, energy systems, heat exchangers
  • Flammation temperature of solids using a Leitz microscope
  • Determination of flash/no flash (NBN EN ISO 2592-2001, NBN EN ISO 2719-2003)
  • Autoignition temperature of liquid chemicals (ASTM E659-78)
  • Determination of the thermal conductance and transmittance of building materials (ISO 8302, NBN B62-201, NBN 62-202)
  • Calibration of thermocouples by comparison techniques (NBN E18-001)
  • Determination of the heat-transmission coefficient of building elements (NBN B62-204)
  • Use of temperature and humidity chamber

Fluid mechanics

  • Spin-off company Gatewing, now part of Delair Tech, by Peter Cosyn designs and sells unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) for professional survey and geo services.

Transport technology

  • Advisory work in internal combustion engines, alternative fuels, engine emissions
  • Engine emission testing
  • Engine in-cylinder pressure measurement
  • Fuels, additives and fuel pretreatment techniques testing