10-02-2020 Detecting sleep apnea using wearable and machine learning
27-01-2020 Vacancy PhD student: Machine learning for insightful data visualization
29-11-2019 SaT5G Industry day
25-11-2019 Vacancy PhD student on real-time, closed-loop control for robotic grasping
25-11-2019 Vacancy PhD student: online learning for robot perception
08-10-2019 Vacancy PhD researcher: Artificial agents in dynamically changing environments
07-10-2019 Vacancy: Doctor Assistent Machine Learning for network-based systems genetics
07-10-2019 Vacancy: PhD researcher Hybrid AI-based cognitive architecture for robotic applications
07-10-2019 Vacancy: PhD researcher Time-awareness and perception in artificial agents
01-10-2019 Vacancy: PhD position – Speech & Audio Processing
05-09-2019 Project CITADEL
10-07-2019 Registrations for the joint CTTE-FITCE conference on Smart Cities & ICT are now open
26-06-2019 Vacancies: Multiple PhD positions in AutoML and data-efficient ML
25-06-2019 Jozef Plateau and Leo Baekeland awards
17-05-2019 Vacancy: Research in the Design of Network Algorithms (PhD position)
11-04-2019 Vacancy: PhD position – Yield and Variability Optimization of Integrated Circuits using Machine Learning
11-04-2019 Vacancy: PhD position – Machine Learning-based Design of High-Frequency Circuits and Systems
05-04-2019 Vacancy: PhD student on adaptive deep learning techniques for high-dimensional surveillance data in a smart city
01-03-2019 Vacancy: PhD or postdoc position - Embedded deep learning