16-01-2018 Vacancy: Smart Grid Researcher
08-01-2018 IDLab team wins award in first Preliminary Round of DARPA Spectrum Collaboration Challenge.
14-12-2017 Vacancy: Postdoctoral researcher on Distributed Deep Learning
04-12-2017 Vacancy: Devops engineer position - scalable and reliable software systems for Smart Cities
04-12-2017 Vacancy: PhD position - scalable and reliable software systems for Smart Cities
23-11-2017 Vacancy: PhD or Postdoc position - Designing general-purpose analog computing based on machine learning
23-11-2017 Vacancy: PhD position – Power-scalable embedded vision sensors
09-11-2017 New start-ups at IDLab
21-09-2017 Vacancy: PhD position – Speech & Audio Processing
12-09-2017 Vacancy: Post-doc position - wireless communications and networking for IoT
02-08-2017 Best Paper Award at the Global IoT Summit 2017.
10-07-2017 Vacancy: PhD position - Machine Learning
10-07-2017 Vacancy: Researcher - Machine Learning
10-07-2017 Vacancy: Researcher – Semantic Web Developer
10-07-2017 Vacancy: Doctoral grant (BOF) area of Design of wireless communication networks
23-06-2017 Vacancy: PhD researcher - Software for high performance networks & clouds
08-06-2017 Vacancy: PhD fellowship in bioinformatics
10-04-2017 Vacancy: PhD and postdoc researchers IC and system design
04-04-2017 H2020 WiSHFUL Open Call for Experiments
31-03-2017 Best Student Paper Award at Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society (ACES) 2017
28-03-2017 Vacancy: Postdoctoral researcher for the software defined management of 5G and IoT networks
23-03-2017 Post-deadline Paper on the Optical Fiber Communication Conference (OFC 2017)
22-03-2017 Vacancy: PhD researcher mmWave active antenna systems
08-03-2017 imec contributes to Open Framework for Multilingual and Semantic Enrichment of Digital Content
07-03-2017 Vacancy: PhD researcher high performance and reliable software networks