06-04-2021 ERC Proof of Concept grant awarded to Tijl De Bie
04-02-2021 Best paper award at IoTaIS 2020
28-01-2021 Tony Belpaeme at European Commission's Science for Policy Conference
21-01-2021 Testbed for the Experimental Evaluation of Wireless Industrial Safety Solutions
18-01-2021 Piet Demeester obtains Methusalem funding for long term research on next generation wireless networks (SHAPE).
10-01-2021 One of the first 15 iBOF projects granted to Tijl De Bie (UGent) and Luc De Raedt, Jesse Davis (KULeuven)
17-12-2020 Tony Belpaeme speaker at VVSG 'Artificiële intelligentie voor lokale besturen'
10-12-2020 InWareDrones project: Autonomous indoor drone for inventory management
04-12-2020 The imec-IDLab-UGent speech team wins several tracks in two international speaker verification challenges
01-12-2020 Prof. Filip De Turck has been named an IEEE Fellow
10-11-2020 Ward Haeck wins ArcelorMittal master thesis award
26-10-2020 EOS Wetenschap Special: Technologie en gezondheid
20-10-2020 Closing event for City of Things project "Access to ANPR data for local governments"
21-08-2020 Best Paper Award at QoMEX 2020
08-07-2020 "Why will data become your most valuable asset in the future?"
08-07-2020 IBM Innovation award 2020
23-06-2020 Best Paper Award at LDAC2020
23-06-2020 Best Student Paper Award at ICWE2020
19-06-2020 IDLab and imec expand their research with next-generation high-precision and low-power ultra wideband (UWB) technology
18-06-2020 Funding granted for three interdisciplinary research projects
10-02-2020 Detecting sleep apnea using wearable and machine learning
29-11-2019 SaT5G Industry day
10-07-2019 Registrations for the joint CTTE-FITCE conference on Smart Cities & ICT are now open
25-06-2019 Jozef Plateau and Leo Baekeland awards