Concrete structures


Concrete is often considered to be the ultimate construction material, thanks to its considerable strength, relatively low cost and virtually limitless design capabilities. The research groups of prof. dr. ir. Robby Caspeele, prof. dr. ir. Wouter De Corte, prof. dr. ir. Stijn Matthys and prof. dr. ir. Roman Wan-Wendner studies the structural behaviour of concrete using experimental and numerical analysis, focusing among others on the following topics

Performance-based design of new structures, including:

  • Multi-physics modelling of concrete structures (contact person: Prof. R. Wan-Wendner)
  • Testing and modelling of creep and shrinkage of concrete (contact person: Prof. R. Wan-Wendner)
  • Testing and modeling mechanical and adhesive anchor systems (contact person: Prof. R. Wan-Wendner)
  • NLFEM and discrete element modelling of slender RC columns (contact person: Prof. R. Wan-Wendner)
  • Experimental and numerical investigation of shear capacity (contact person: Prof. R. Wan-Wendner)
  • Time-dependent shear capacity of PC beams supported by DIC (contact person: Prof. R. Wan-Wendner)
  • Shear behavior of curved corrugated steel web bridges (contact person: Prof. W. De Corte)
  • Structural robustness and membrane action (contact person: Prof. R. Caspeele)
  • Modelling of membrane action in prestressed concrete elements (contact person: Prof. R. Caspeele)
  • Robustness of non-plane-parallel skin materials for FRP bridges (contact person: Prof. W. De Corte)

Structural optimization

  • End-zone optimization of prestressed concrete girders (contact person: Prof. W. De Corte)
  • Spatial and auxetic materials: response between 2D and 3D infill patterns (contact person: Prof. R. Wan-Wendner)
  • Multi-physics topology optimization for stiffness and heat transfer (contact person: Prof. W. De Corte)
  • Numerical analysis and optimization of quasi rectangular tunnel joints (contact person: Prof. W. De Corte)


Prof. Robby Caspeele

Prof. Wouter De Corte

Prof. Stijn Matthys

Prof. Roman Wan-Wendner

Research projects

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