Research clusters

Structural Engineering

The Structural Engineering cluster performs experimental, numerical and analytical research on the mechanical behaviour and structural safety of load-bearing building components, connections and systems.



Prof. Jan Belis / Prof. Robby Caspeele / Prof. Wouter De Corte / Prof. Stijn Matthys / Prof. Frank Vandedrinck / Prof. Roman Wan-Wendner

Building Materials

The Building Materials cluster focuses on the characterisation, optimisation and sustainability of materials used in the built environment, with a particular emphasis on concrete.



Prof. Veerle BoelProf. Nele De BelieProf. Geert De SchutterProf. Kim Van Tittelboom


Fire Safety Science and Engineering

The Fire Safety Science and Engineering cluster is actively investigating compartment fire dynamics, multi-phase aspects in fire and structural fire engineering.


Prof. Tarek BejiProf. Bart Merci / Prof. Ruben Van Coile