Overview of all research projects (by year)

10-04-2022 Do Bamboo - A Sustainable Bio-Based Full-Scale Spatial Structure
26-10-2021 Multi-physics simulation of glass to concrete adhesive joints
01-10-2021 Experimental and numerical analysis of bio-inspired infill patterns for structural applications in concrete
01-10-2021 Systematic study of extinction and re-ignition modelling through finite rate chemistry in LES simulations of buoyant flames
09-09-2021 OptiBridge: a topology optimized 3D-printed concrete bridge
01-09-2021 Numerical analysis and characterization of FRP composite tiled laminates and sandwich panels: a new class of structurally robust building components
12-07-2021 Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) of glass structures
01-06-2021 Adhesive bonding of glass to concrete
13-04-2021 The use of load-bearing glass in the superstructure of superyachts
13-04-2021 Development of a constitutive law for accurate prediction of time dependent deformation of OPC based cementitious material at elevated temperatures
12-04-2021 Robustness of steel reinforced glass systems with adhesive connections
12-04-2021 Behaviour of structural glass in elevated temperatures / fire
01-02-2021 Self-healing in lime-based mortars (SUBLime)
04-01-2021 Soot modeling in fire-driven flows
01-11-2020 Analysis of experiments and numerical simulations of fire tests for the development of an assessment framework for fire safety of healthcare
01-11-2020 Characterisation of the fire decay phase and its effects on structural elements
01-04-2020 Numerical Modelling of Combustion Instabilities Induced by a Liquid Pool Fire in a Well-confined and Mechanically Ventilated Compartment
01-01-2020 Carbonation Tailoring of Eco-efficient Concrete with Hybrid Binders
01-01-2020 Post-fire assessment of concrete structures using vibrational testing and Bayesian updating techniques
01-01-2020 A Data Driven approach towards evacuation from buildings in fire conditions
01-10-2019 Topology optimization of structural components taking into account their fire safety and manufacturability
01-09-2019 Optical sensor integration in architectural glass
31-01-2019 C-Bridge: Roadmap into design, guidelines and execution of composite bridges in Flanders
11-01-2019 An optimal concrete bridge
07-11-2017 C3PO project
08-03-2017 Multidisciplinary design optimization of building envelope components
08-03-2017 Optimization of the end zone of prestressed concrete elements by non-linear analysis
08-03-2017 Optimization of the Stiffening Configuration of Axially Compressed Steel Silos on Local Supports