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  • Vacancy: Ph.D. student in Business Economics: see more details
  • New publication: The consequences of financial leverage: Certified B Corporations' advantages compared to common commercial firms.
    I. Paeleman, N. Guenster, T. Vanacker, A.C.O. Siqueira.  Journal of Business Ethics, published online 14.02.2023.
  • New publication: Unanswered questions in entrepreneurial finance
    S. Manigart, S. Khosravi. Venture Capital, accepted.
  • Public Ph.D. defense of Maarten Cerpentier: date to be announced


  • Dusan Isakov (Université de Fribourg): topic to be announced
    25 April 2023
  • Fatima Zahra Filali Adib (Copenhagen Business School): topic to be announced
    25 May 2023
  • Anant Divakaruni (University of Bergen): topic to be announced
    19 October 2023
  • Tereza Tykvova (University of St. Gallen): topic to be announced
    23 November 2023
  • Jim Goldman (University of Warwick): topic to be announced
    7 December 2023
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