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  • Vacancy for a Ph.D. student/assistant (start on 1.09.2024) : full text of the vacancy
  • Publication: Same owner, different impact: How responses to performance feedback differ across a private equity investor's portfolio firms. V. Collewaert, J. Neckebrouck, T. Vanacker, D. Bourgois, S. Manigart. Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal (2023).
  • Publication: Unanswered questions in entrepreneurial finance. S. Khosravi and S. Manigart. Venture capital (2023)
  • Publication: The consequences of financial leverage: Certified B Corporations' advantages compared to common commercial firms. I. Paeleman, N. Guenster, T.Vanacker, A.C.O. Sequeira. Journal of Business Ethics (2023).
  • Publication: Should we be conservative or aggressive? Managers' responses in a crisis and long-term firm survival. Journal of Management Studies (2023).


  • Jim Goldman (Warwick Business School): Amplifying a fiscal stimulus: the role of banks
    16 November 2023
  • Tereza Tykvova (University of St. Gallen): Poor industry conditions as a corporate governance mechanism in takeovers
    23 November 2023
  • Jim Goldman (University of Warwick): topic to be announced
    7 December 2023
  • Pat Akey (University of Toronto/Visiting professor at INSEAD): topic to be announced
    22 February 2024
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