Els De Wielemaker

LecturerEls De Wielemaker



Els De Wielemaker is responsible lecturer and co-lecturer in the programmes Bachelor and Master in Business Administration (Taxation), the Master in Complementary Studies in Business Economics and Master in Business Economics. She teaches various (introductory to specialized) courses related to accounting, corporate accounting, not-for-profit accounting, IFRS, corporate finance and tax strategy.
She is responsible for the Higher Institute of Accountancy and Taxation (HIAF) in which she organizes and gives (in-company) seminars to professional accountants and tax advisers.
Every year, for more than a decade, Els organizes the extra-muros seminar for the Master students in Business Administration (Taxation) which aims to bring together the students with the work field of the financial profession onal. Els is also involved in the internships for those students.
She is member of the editorial board of the open access  journal ‘Accountancy en Bedrijfskunde’ and the Flash magazine of the professional association BBB.
She is member of several committees (communication, internationalization, side activities, … ) at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.
She is the author or co-author on several articles and books on current accounting topics.