Klaas Mulier

Associate professorKlaas Mulier



Klaas Mulier is Associate Professor in Corporate Finance at Ghent University. You will also regularly find him in the National Bank of Belgium or the European Central Bank as a visiting researcher. Klaas has published in leading academic journals, such as the Review of Finance, the Journal of Financial Intermediation, and the Journal of Banking and Finance.

Klaas’ main area of interest lies on the intersection of financial intermediation and corporate finance. Klaas has mainly done research on i) how to identify financial constraints that firms face, ii) what drives firms’ financial constraints (e.g. borrower discouragement, bank credit supply, financial crises),  iii) what the consequences of financial constraints are (e.g. lower investment rate, growth), and iv) how firms cope with the financial constraints they face (e.g. they rely more on trade credit to finance growth).

Twice a year, Klaas also co-organizes the Brussels EFI Network which aims to bring together researchers with an interest in Empirical Financial Intermediation, who live near, work near, or frequently pass through the (wider) Brussels region. More information about previous or upcoming workshops can be found here: https://sites.google.com/site/mulierklaas/efi-network.

Research Awards 

  1. Best paper award, 25th Money, Banking, and Finance Conference in Rome (Italy), December, 2016.
    *Paper: “Some Borrowers Are More Equal Than Others: Bank Funding Shocks and Credit Reallocation”.
    *Joint work with Olivier De Jonghe, Hans Dewachter, Steven Ongena, and Glenn Schepens.
  1. Prize for best policy-relevant paper in financial research from the European Commission, November 2018.
    *Paper: “Bank Sectoral Concentration and (Systemic) Risk”
  2. *Joint work with Thorsten Beck and Olivier De Jonghe.