Luc Renneboog

Visiting professorLuc Renneboog


Luc Renneboog is Professor of Corporate Finance at Tilburg University and an affiliated professor at Ghent University. His research interests are corporate finance, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, mergers and acquisitions, law and economics, ethical investing, and the economics of art.

He graduated from the University of Leuven with a BSc/MSc in commercial engineering and with a BA in philosophy, from the University of Chicago with an MBA, and from the London Business School (University of London) with a PhD in Financial Economics. Before joining Tilburg, Luc Renneboog taught at the Catholic University of Leuven and at Oxford University. He was also a visiting professor at the London Business School, HEC Paris, University Paris-Dauphine, European University Institute (Florence) and Cambridge University.

Renneboog has published in the Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial Economics, Review of Finance, American Economic Review, Management Science, Organization Science, Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Financial Intermediation, Journal of Law and Economics, Journal of Corporate Finance, Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Law, Economics & Organization, Cambridge Journal of Economics, Oxford Review of Economic Policy, and others. He co-authored and co-edited several books on dividend policy, M&A, corporate governance and venture capital for Oxford University Press and Elsevier.


Recent publications (articles in journals only)

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