Excursion parliament 2023




The Event

No less than thirty of our MBA students with taxation as their main subject voluntarily signed up for an extracurricular daytrip to Brussels, the heart of Belgian politics.


The aim of this trip was to provide the students with more thorough insights into the interplay between taxation and politics. Thanks to all cooperating instances, we were able to offer the students a guided tour in the Belgian federal house of parliament in the morning and a meet and greet with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Vincent Van Peteghem in the afternoon.


After attending (a part of) a public meeting of the chamber committee of Finance and marveling at the splendor of the historical building, MP Christian Leysen took the time for an interactive and insightful discussion with the students on the aforementioned interplay.


Moreover, we are especially grateful for the Cabinet of Finance’s willingness to receive us in their premises and to set up a meet and greet with minister Vincent Van Peteghem during which our students could raise all their questions regarding the recently announced plans for the upcoming tax reforms.


The accompanying staff members (prof. dr. Bertel De Groote - Els De Wielemaker - Gauthier Vandenbossche - Ilias MatterneKenny Dekoster) were very glad to guide the students on this insightful as well as pleasant daytrip.