Tessa Haesevoets

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Question & answer

What is your research about?

It is often said that democracy is in decline or even in crisis. This manifests itself in declining confidence among citizens in the workings of democracy. At the same time, we also see a shift towards a more participatory governance approach. My research seeks to gain a better understanding of how citizens experience this changing democracy. For instance, one of the questions my research focuses on is how much say people think citizens - but also experts - should have in policy decisions, and how much decision-making power people think should remain in the hands of politicians.

How would colleagues describe you?

I think colleagues will describe me as driven but at the same time also very collegial (or at least I hope so).

What do you hope to achieve in your academic career?

At the moment, I am simply want to conduct fun and socially relevant research, we will see what the future brings.

What is the first thing you do when you have unexpected free time in your agenda?

Spending time with my son! He loves animals and we live near Plankendael. So, if I have some free time I usually try to go to the zoo (or playground) with him. I also like cooking.