Dr. Nathan De Geyter

Business Developer – End-of-Waste – Circular Bio-economy

Ghent University
Faculty of Bioscience Engineering
Coupure Links 653, block B, 6th floor

Mobile: +32 476 476 453

Meet the new members of the team 

We are happy to announce the End-of-Waste family is growing, since around the start of 2021 two new faces joined the support team: Nathan De Geyter as Business developer and Ximena Reynafarje as Innovation Officer. Together they are responsible for co-creating and supporting project ideas of the 30+ research groups at AUGent that work on closing the loop of biological (side) stream valorization according to a zero-waste approach. Ximena will specifically focus on the low TRL projects that are still a bit further from the market and to investigate the potential to develop novel crop protection and fertilizing products, such as biostimulants from organic waste streams. Nathan will has a broader focus, including all options to valorize waste, but with a dedicated focus on the high TRL projects that are closer to market. As such, they will both strengthen science-to-business collaborations to develop novel technologies for renewable resource recovery and help to stimulate the transition towards a more circular and sustainable biobased economy .

Nathan, our business developer is a creative professional, with a strong understanding of the circular bioeconomy innovation ecosystem, including R&D trends, key players, funding options, etc..

Before, Nathan was already involved in starting and managing collaborations with industry as the coordinator of the international thematic network GREEN-CHEM for 3 years, as innovation manager at the faculty of Bioscience Engineering at UGent to coordinate the Crelan and Bayer endowed chairs and support the organization and business development of large-scale events for 4 years; and as coordinator to help the proposal development and project implementation of several EU projects, such as INCITE, EURAKNOS & EUREKA for 2 years.

Nathan did a PhD in agricultural biotechnology at the Flemish Institute of Biotechnology (VIB), working on fundamental research to investigate plant-microbe interactions and the production of plant phytochemicals with the potential to benefit human health.

Ximena is an enthusiastic professional with more than 8 years of research experience on multidisciplinary approaches  towards a more sustainable agriculture.

Prior to accepting this position, Ximena did a PhD in the faculty of Bioscience engineering of the KU Leuven, studying the response of tomatoes to severe water scarcity.  She has also worked for more than 8 years as a researcher in the National Agrarian University in Lima, Peru, in the domains of agroecology and rural development.

If you have any questions on renewable resource recovery for a circular biobased economy, please feel free to reach out to us  directly.  We are looking forward support your most ambitious  research ventures and ideas!

All the best,

Nathan and Ximena