Toxicological services

The laboratory's main public service is situated in the field of analytical chemistry.

This means that the laboratory has thorough expertise in the determination of ethanol (alcohol), drugs and drugs of abuse in biological matrices such as blood and urine.
The laboratory is recognized by the Department of Justice for the determination of ethanol according to the K.B. of April 27th 2007, for which it also has BELAC accreditation (ISO 17025) since Februari 18th 2016. More details about our BELAC accreditation certificate TEST-488 can be found in our accreditation scope.

This expertise is routinely used in:

  • Forensic analysis: this mainly includes determinations of illegal drugs, pharmaceuticals and other potential toxic substances in urine, blood and other matrices (particularly performed in assignment of the Ministry of Justice)
  • Screening for illegal substances

Customized analyses are also possible. If you want additional information on a particular toxicological question or a price offer you can contact prof. Dr. Christophe Stove.