PhD en Master Dissertations

PhD dissertations





Anton De Spiegeleer

Jun 2022

Sarcopenia : a gut-feeling for quorum sensing peptides and natural killer T cells

Frederick Verbeke

Feb 2022

Exploring the in-vivo role of quorum sensing peptides : preclinical and bioanalytical contributions

Nathan Debunne

Jan 2021

Quorum sensing peptides as a novel microbiomal causative factor in promoting colorectal cancer metastasis: The EntF metabolite case.

Sileshi Yohannes

Nov 2020

Functional quality of selected antimalarial and antihelminthic medicines.

Yorick Janssens

Sep 2020

Quorum sensing peptides as possible brain-influencing microbiome mediators.

Xialong Xu

Jan 2020

Quality characterization of raw materials used in advanced therapy medicinal products: HEPES, APMg and albumin.

Han Yao

Oct 2019

Quality exploration of L-asparaginase: analytical characterization.

Steven Janvier


Hazard analysis of falsified peptide 'medicines'.

Bert Gevaert

Jan 2017

Exploration of cryptic peptides: analytical, pharmacoloical and regulatory contributions.

Sultan Suleman

Feb 2016

Quality of selected medicines in Ethiopia: analytical and regulatory contribution.

Nathalie Bracke

Dec 2016

Functional quality of somatropin derivatives: NOTA-modifications and peptides.

Lieselotte Veryser

Oct 2016

Analytical, pharmacokinetic and regulatory characterisation of selected plant N-alkylamides.

Lien Taevernier

Sept 2016

Skin, mucosal and blood-brain barrier kinetics of model cyclic depsipeptides: the mycotoxins beauvericin & enniatins.

Sofie Stalmans

Sept 2015

To what extent do cell-penetrating peptides selectively cross the blood-brain barrier?

Matthias D'Hondt

Jan 2015

Towards a peptide implant: analytics, dry heat behavior and functional characterization.

Evelien Wynendaele

Dec 2014

Exploration of quorum sensing peptides : the missing link between microbiome and cancer outcome?

Antita Adriaens

Dec 2013

Morphine and the canine brain: The influence of morphine on cerebral perfusion and 5-HT2A receptors.

Promotor: prof. I. Polis; Co-promotor: prof. B. De Spiegeleer

Jente Boonen

Dec 2012

Functional quality of spilanthol, a plant N-alkylamide for dermal applications.

Sylvia Van Dorpe

Feb 2012

Analytical characterization of the  blood-brain barrier transport of peptides.

Bram Baert

Jan 2011

Functional quality of tropical drugs: analytical exploration of the Franz Diffusion Cell test.

Adel Pezeshki

Dec 2010

Physiology and pathophysiology of the mammary gland in primiparous cows with special emphasis to dry period length and experimental E.coli mastitis.

Promotor: prof. C. Burvenich; Co-promotor: prof. B. De Spiegeleer

Valentijn Vergote

Feb 2010

Quality analytics of peptide drugs: the obestatin case.


Master dissertations


  • Danique Berrevoet
    “Synthese van het C-terminale domein van TIMP-1.”(2022)
  • Latifa Souabny
    “In vitro kinetic and stability study of selected quorum sensing peptides related to sarcopenia. (2022)
  • Saar Notteboom
    “Identificatie van quorum sensing peptide iAM373 (SIFTLVA) met UPLC-MS/MS: een multivariate benadering.” (2022)
  • Justine Cami
    “Cel-penetrerende eigenschappen van bacteriële peptiden.” (2022)
  • Rhandy Delefortrie
    “Profilering van metabolieten in saliva via GC-MS aan de hand van een untargeted metabolomics approach.” (2022)
  • Lies De Lameillieure
    “Testing of different HPMC grades as matrix in prolonged release tablets - the effect of technological conditions on drug release profiles and relationship with the swelling behavior.” (2022)
  • Anne Stieltjes
    “De structurele impact op EntF* na epimerisatie: een trapped ion mobility spectrometry analyse.” (2022)
  • Monira Boucherim
    “De invloed van geselecteerde quorum sensing peptiden op microglia.” (2022)
  • Sarah De Troyer
    “De invloed van bacteriële metabolieten op immunosenescentie.” (2022)
  • Antonia Derie
    “De rol van geselecteerde quorum sensing peptiden op borstkanker metastase.” (2022)
  • Kimberly De Windt
    “De invloed van bacteriële metabolieten op immunosenescentie.” (2021)
  • Naomi Viaene
    “De biologische relevantie van quorum sensing peptide QSP208 op SH-SY5Y cellen." (2021)
  • Ellen Vermeersch
    “De in vitro pro-metastatische effecten van verschillende quorum sensing peptiden op borstkankercellen.” (2021)
  • Ruben Almey
    “Verkennen van een verbeterde levenscyclus-aanpak voor analytische procedures uit de routine kwaliteitscontrole.” (2021)
  • Arno De Craene
    “Plasmaproteïnebindende eigenschappen van 'quorum sensing'-peptiden.” (2021)
  • Bert Michiels
    “Artificiële intelligentie treft ongerichte onzuiverheidsprofilering: een exploratieve pilootstudie.” (2021)
  • Judith Van der Elst
    “Detectie van QSP184 en QSP125 in bacteriële stammen.” (2021)
  • Elise Lefebvre
    “Kinetiek and stabiliteit studie van geselecteerde quorum sensing peptiden gerelateerd aan borstkankermetastase.” (2021)
  • Emma Gonsalves
    “Spiercelspecificiteit van Q184 MTT effecten.” (2021)
  • Robbe Detant
    “Target receptor opheldering van PapRIV, een BV-2 microglia cel activerend quorum sensing peptide.” (2021)
  • Hannah Hirmz
    “Alleviating peptide adsorption: an ecological and financially sustainable anti-adsorption diluent alternative.” (2020)

  • Merel Wauters
    “Effects of selected QSPs on host muscle.” (2020)
  • Sebastiaan Dhaenens
    “Presence of EntF metabolite in human faeces.” (2020)
  • Phaedra Snauwaert
    “Target elucidation of the EntF metabolite in HCT-8 cells.” (2020)
  • Ella Vancraeynest
    “Photolysis of CgCPA for selective therapy: principles and UPLC method development.” (2020)
  • Arnout Swaenen
    “Development of a fusion peptide for miRNA-21 targeted treatment of Glioblastoma Multiforme.” (2020)

  • Yani Ongena
    “Het effect van quorum sensing peptiden op BV-2 microglia en SH-SY5Y neuroblasten.” (2019)
  • Amélie Descamps
    “Solid-phase synthesis and quality control of quorum sensing peptide derivatives.” (2019)
  • Margot Poelman
    “Kwaliteitscontrole voor NOTA-somatropine en Ga-NOTA-somatropine.” (2019)
  • Dorian Depuydt
    “Detectie en stabiliteit van quorum sensing peptiden in biologische matrices.” (2019)
  • Van Langenhove Selien
    “Quorum sensing moleculen en sarcopenie: in vitro proof-of-concept.” (2019)
  • Djoa Jacintha
    “Verklaren van de MTT effecten van geselecteerde quorum sensing peptiden op C2C12 cellen.” (2019)
  • Shary Hermans
    “HILIC and RP-chromatography for the detection of quorum sensing peptides.” (2018)
  • Charlotte Masschelein
    “Perceptions of pharmacists in West-Flanders towards probiotics.” (2018)
  • Karen Herman
    “Human Albumin and L-Ascorbic Acid 2-Phosphate Magnesium Salt as Raw Materials in the ATMP Production Process: Quality Assessments.” (2018)
  • Miguel Colpaert
    “In pursuit of quality medicines: Residual API on packaging as GMP-marker?” (2018)
  • Shauni Patyn
    “The influence of bacterial quorum sensing molecules on muscle cells.” (2018)
  • Eva Dhondt
    “The effects of quorum sensing peptides on mammalian cells.” (2018)
  •  Sara Develter
    “Solid-phase peptide synthesis of the quorum sensing peptide SDLPFEH and some derivatives.” (2018)
  • Hanne Jansen
    “Relevance of in vitro and in vivo models to predict human effects in drug cardiovascular safety assessment.” (2018)

  • Charlotte Goethals
    “CE and MS contribution to E.coli asparaginase analytical characterization.” (2017)
  • Vincent Van Brussel
    “Viscosity of a hydrocortisone ointment: QbD method development and validation - Dermatokinetic study.” (2017)
  • Jan Goelen
    “Exploring turbidimetry and isothermal microcalorimetry as a tool for susceptibility testing and biofilm research.” (2017)
  • Elisa De Pauw
    “Optimalisatie van in vitro assays voor het bepalen van de pyrogeniciteit en het hemolytisch potentieel van illegal peptidepreparaten.” (2017)
  • Christina Soto Fernandez
    “Screening of surface acoustic wave ligand immobilization strategies for E.coli L-asparaginase.” (2017)
  • Dorien De Swaef
    “Solid phase synthesis of possible new selective iNOS-inhibitors.” (2016)
  • Sarah Vanwijnsberghe
    “Antimicrobial peptides: a study on the influence of D-amino acids on antimicrobial and haemolytic activity.” (2016)
  • Evelien De Sutter
    “Ontwikkeling van een HILIC-PDA methode voor de detectie van counterfeit peptide biopharmaceuticals.” (2016)
  • Jana Vandenbossche
    “Optimization of a capillary electrophoresis method for E.Coli L-asparaginase in the context of the charge impurities quantification.” (2016)
  • Severine De Craemer
    “Exploration of saliva sample preparation techniques for in vivo quorum sensing peptide UHPLC-MS/MS detection.” (2016)
  • Julie Cantoro
    “Chemical synthesis of COMXRO-E-2 pheromone containing modified tryptophan.” (2015)
  • Laura Verspeelt
    “Development of a quality control method for L-asparaginase using capillary electrophoresis.” (2015)
  • Janne Catelin
    “Synthesis and purification of derivates of a bioactive neuropeptide.” (2015)
  • Valerie Van Laere
    “High-throughput screening of antimicrobial peptides against Candida krusei and Cryptococcus neoformans.” (2015)
  • Lotte Ghijs
    “Ontwikkeling van een screeningsmethode voor de detectie van slimming agents en PDE5-inhibitoren in illegale voedingssupplementen met behulp van Phase Optimized Liquid Chromatography (POP-LC).” (2015)
  • Charlotte De Vriendt
    “Liquid Chromatography in quality control, quality assurance and bioanalytics of artemisinin derivatives.” (2015)
  • Lisa Delahaye
    “Method development and validation of a HS-GC-FID method for the control of residual solvents in salicylic acid.” (2015)
  • Valerie Stynen
    “Evaluation, qualification and validation of a rapid microbiological method: Biotrak.” (2015)
  • Jana Verstraete
    “Novel SUB-1 inhibitors as possible antimalaria therapy.” (2015)
  • Nathan Debunne
    “The synthesis and purification of a number of quorum sensing peptides.” (2015)
  • Sven De Troyer
    "Enniatin-containing medicines for topical use: quality-by-design risk assessment of composition variability." (2015)
  • Jolien De Waele
    "Development of a bioanalytical uhplc-ms/ms method for NMG in mouse brain." (2015)
  • Christoph Portier
    "Initial development of a bioanalytival method for quorum sensing peptides." (2015)
  • Martha Donadoni
    "Quality evaluation of pediatric antimalarial powders for suspension from resource-limited countries." (2015)
  • Annelien Sercu
    "Development of a bio-analytical method for the quantification of N-alkylamides in biological samples using UPLC-MS/MS." (2015)
  • Jonas Poppe
    "Developmental aspects for the quality analysis of selected medicines." (2014)
  • Ellen Rogge
    "Quantitative analysis and practical research of market artemisinin based combination formulations." (2014)
  • Stéphanie anderson
    "Development of a Surface Acoustic Wave method for the functional quality control of selected somatropins." (2014)
  • Eline Grauls
    "API loss during capsule preparation." (2013)
  • Karl-Jan Spittaels
    "Development of a Surface Acoustic Wave method for the functional quality control of selected somatropins." (2013)
  • Lieselot Minne
    "Isolatie en chemische karakterisatie van N-alkylamides uit plantenextracten en hun transdermal gedrag." (2013)
  • Flore Vermeersch
    "Transdermaal onderzoek van twee conanokristal formulaties en twee cyclische depsipeptiden: beauvericine en enniatines." (2013)
  • Andy Van Damme
    "Risk assessment of impurities in topically used excipients: acetol." (2012)
  • Laurens Deneve
    "Toepassingen van Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) in de farmaceutische wetenschappen." (2012)
  • Pieter-Jan Van Bockstal
    "Een functionele kwaliteitsmonografie voor asparaginase." (2012)
  • Matthias Van Laethem
    "Lipopeptides: column comparison and dry heat stress of polymyxin B sulphate."(2012, ManaMa)
  • Maxime Boucart
    "Clusteren van quorum-sensing signaalpeptiden." (2011)
  • Jochem Vancoillie
    "Vergelijking van methoden voor de activiteitsbepaling van asparaginase."(2011)
  • Iris Vandenbroek
    "Kwantitatieve karakterisatie van het bloed-hersenbarriere (BHB) transport van nieuwe opioid peptiden." (2011)
  • Elien Deketelaere
    "Droge hitte stabiliteit van busereline acetaat d.m.v. een quality-by-design benadering." (2011)
  • Wim Demaré
    "Droge stress stabiliteit van een model peptide mengsel." (2010)
  • Celine Thierens
    "Analytical development of 1,2,4-trioxane derivatives." (2010, ManaMa)
  • Elisa Desmet
    "Fused-core Shell HPLC voor spilanthol, toegepast in transdermaal onderzoek." (2010)
  • Daphne Wiskerke
    "Karakterisatie van NOTA-gemodificeerd somatropine." (2010)
  • Ingeborg Wallez
    "Dejodinatiestudie van gejodieerde obestatine-derivaten." (2010)
  • Annelies Van Lerberghe
    "Chromatografische karakterisatie van peptide: vergelijkende studie van kolommen." (2010)
  • Grégoire Bouchez
    "Development of a new high-throughput method: ion mobility spectrometry versus high performance liquid chromatography." (2010, ManaMa)
  • Nele Clottens
    "Kwaliteitsanalytiek van zalm calcitonine in een nasaal poeder." (2009)
  • Eline Halet
    "Transmembraan gedrag van spilanthol doorheen huid en bucale mucosa." (2009)
  • Nathalie Pintelon
    "Analytische karakterisatie van het bloed-hersen-barriëre transport van 3 opioïde peptides EM-1, EM-2 en CTAP." (2009)
  • Sara Vanneste
    "Transdermaal gedrag van ibuprofen invloed van miconazole nitraat." (2009)
  • Cindy Blomme
    "Gaschromatografie van polyonverzadigde vetzuren." (2008)
  • Evelyn De Backer
    "Karakterisatie van peptide geneesmiddelen: in vitro metabolisatie." (2008)
  • Anavarapu Sudhakar
    "A comparative in-vitro permeation study of testosterone from different commercially available preparations." (2008)
  • Céline Thierens
    "Ion mobility Spectrometry: een bruikbare analytische techniek bij in-vitro transdermale experimenten." (2008)
  • Sofie Van Houcke
    "Kwaliteitscontrole in de karakterisatie van transdermale geneesmiddelen: ontwikkeling van SST voor in vitro FDC huid testen." (2008)
  • Jente Boonen
    "Karakterisatie van transdermale penetratie promotoren." (2007)
  • Roosmarijn De Cock
    "Analyse van dermatologische testosteron preparaten". (2007)
  • Nils Stuerebaut
    "Stress- en radiosterilisatie stabiliteitsonderzoek van enkele geselecteerde peptiden." (2007)
  • Sofie Langendries
    "Bio-analyse van veterinaire drugs: methode-ontwikkeling voor bepaling van roxarsone in veevoeder." (2006)
  • Lindsay Van Horebeke
    "Onderzoek naar prevalentie en classificatie van breuklijntabletten." (2006)