Drug Quality and Registration (DruQuaR)

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Contract work

In the Laboratory of Drug Quality and Registration (DruQuaR) fundamental and applied research is carried out in the fields of pharmaceutical analytics and regulatory affairs.

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Our general research goal is studying the functional quality of pharmaceuticals and related products. Emphasis is placed on the following, more specific topics:

  • Oligo/poly-peptide drugs
  • Transmembrane (skin, BBB, mucosa) drug characterization, using human and porcine skin, in-vivo mouse experiments, as well as cell- and organ models.
  • Surface behavior of pharmaceuticals (adsorption and interaction phenomena)
  • Sample preparation and analytics for new API and FDP (including i.a. pediatric and polymeric drug formulations)
  • Impurity profiling techniques and specification settings
  • Biomedical relevance of pharmaceutical quality, i.e. bioactivities, functionalities, toxicity and risk assessments
  • Quality systems and regulatory affairs within the health products, like pharmaceuticals and cosme(nutri)ceuticals

Under the guidance of several research fellows (PhD), students (MSc)  are working on the different research projects.

Approximately 10 people are currently working at DruQuaR under the global supervision of Prof. Dr. Bart De Spiegeleer.