Courses taught by Prof. Dr. Bart De Spiegeleer





Integrated Bachelor Course


Third year Pharmacy (3th Bachelor Pharmacy)

Advanced Drug Analytics and Quality


Fourth year Pharmacy (1st Master Drug Development)

Regulatory Affairs health products


Fourth/Fifth year Pharmacy (1st/2nd Master Drug Development)

Major Regulatory Affairs & Quality

 Fifth year Pharmacy (2nd Master Drug Development)

Pharmaceutical management skills

Fifth year Pharmacy (2nd Master Drug Development)

Regulatory Affairs   

Master of Science in Industrial Pharmacy

Practical training given to students in the DruQuaR laboratory:


- Advanced Drug Analysis and Quality ( Practical training ) : 4th year pharmacists


- Research work or literature study, both with dissertation: 4th year pharmacists

- Research work with dissertation: Master in (applied) Pharmaceutical Sciences

- Research work with dissertation: Erasmus students

- Research work with dissertation: College students