Pharmaceutical Engineering

The Quality-by-Design (QbD) principle outlines the requirement of adopting a “scientific, risk-based, holistic approach to pharmaceutical development” that involves a “deliberate design effort from product conception through commercialization” [ICH Q8(R2)]. Pharmaceutical engineering offers solutions based on the fundamental research outcomes in relevant areas of pharmaceutical processing to develop applications towards every stage of the QbD framework. The Pharmaceutical Engineering (PharmaEng) research group focuses on the model-based design of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes and equipment for innovation in drug substance and drug product development.

The PharmaEng research group works on providing engineering-based solutions for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing research gaps in close collaboration with the Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Process Analytical Technology (Prof. Dr. Thomas De Beer) and the Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Technology (Prof. Dr. C. Vervaet) research groups active in these research areas.



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