ir. Isar Charmchi

Pharmaceutical Engineering Research Group

Isar Charmchi

Ottergemsesteenweg 460

B-9000 Gent(Belgium)


LinkedIn: Isar Charmchi

Education: Chemical and Process Engineer



Master of science from the University of Bologna in Chemical and Process engineering. He did his master thesis on the model-based design of continuous crystallizer at the Process System Engineering center at Technical University of Denmark. His main research focus is model-based design of equipment and product for continuous freeze-drying. Further, he is using mechanistic modeling for the implementation of PAT tools in continuous manufacturing.

Summary of research Project

Freeze-drying is considered the preferred way of stabilizing biopharmaceutical drugs. However, conventional freeze-drying is time-consuming and demands high costs and energy. Several attempts have been made to move from the conventional one to the more optimized process. One of the most efficient ways is designing the continuous mode of the process, which requires less energy and time. Further, single vial freeze-dryer results in more inter-and intra-vial product homogeneity. The model-based design will provide a better understanding of the system and process, rescue time, and energy dedicating to experience and empirical knowledge.

This research project aims at developing mechanistic models to provide better insights, optimize the process, and reduce time to market of the single vial freeze-dryer.