Ir. Luz Nadiezda Naranjo Gómez

Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Engineering

Ottergemsesteenweg 460

B-9000 Gent(Belgium)

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Position: PhD student



Designer in Bioprocess Engineering from Technical University of Delft, with B.S. in Chemical and Environmental Engineering from Universidad de los Andes, Colombia. Her experience lies in design and CFD modelling of bioprocesses. In 2020, she started her Ph.D research on the development of first principle models on loss-in-weight feeding system for solid-dosage manufacturing.


Summary of Research Project

Pharmaceutical industry is moving towards continuous manufacturing allowing more flexible and cost-efficient processes. In the context of continuous tablet manufacturing, feeding operation accuracy is essential  to ensure the required ratios for the desired formulation.

Despite the increasing research on influence of physical bulk properties, feeder tooling and process settings on feeding performance, design and setup of feeding systems is typically based on experience and empirical knowledge. The main focus of this doctoral work is develop first-principle models to obtain detailed mechanistic insights on the performance of Twin-screw “loss-in-weight” feeders.