Louis Bouckaert

Louis BouckaertLouis

Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Technology

Ottergemsesteenweg 460
B-9000 Gent (Belgium)
Tel.: +32-9-264.83.55
E-mail: louis.bouckaert@ugent.be



Pharm. Louis Bouckaert graduated as pharmacist in 2022 from Ghent University where he obtained his Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Care. For his master thesis, he evaluated several non-viral/ viral strategies at the level of the anterior segment for the treatment of glaucoma. In 2022, he started his PhD research on the project of continuous wet granulation for the production of low dose oral solid dosage forms using twin screw granulation.

Summary of Research Project

Over the coming years, the importance of drug product development of more potent and more expensive drugs will increase. As a previous step on tableting, continuous wet granulation using twin screw granulation enables to produce granules with a wide range of properties. The main objective of this study is to develop low dose granules containing an amount of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) below 2 w/w%. The first aim is to find which addition method of API and binder will approach the best content uniformity. At first, a method will be set up using a water soluble API followed by less soluble APIs. Nevertheless, finding a strategy to have an acceptable content uniformity over the whole continuous manufacturing line will be the most difficult task to overcome.