About us

Mission and vision

 The Department of Biomolecular Medicine is an interdisciplinary and inspired team that, driven by scientific curiosity, takes up the challenges in (bio)molecular research for the benefit of the patient and the society.

  •  Starting from basic research, we connect to translational research with the aim to diagnose rare and complex human diseases, to understand their pathogenesis and develop (bio)molecular therapies.
  • New research insights lie at the basis of our educational tasks that form the new generations of science integer (bio)medical researchers and professionals.
  • We engage in several advisory and decision boards with the aim to steer and innovate our patient-directed research and education.

Full mission and vision of the Department of Biomolecular Medicine (in Dutch) 


Department Management

  • Kris Gevaert - Department chair
  • Emmy Van Quickelberghe - Department manager
  • Elfride De Baere - Teamleader Research
  • Christophe Ampe - Teamleader Education
  • Björn Menten - Teamleader Education
  • Bruce Poppe - Teamleader Societal Outreach 
  • Mattias Van Heetvelde - Representative scientific personnel