Neurogenetics Lab


Bart Dermaut

  Prof. Bart Dermaut



  • Understanding the genetic mechanisms leading to the loss of neurons and brain function during adulthood and aging.
  • Focus on the discovery of novel genetic causes of rare neurological and neurodegenerative conditions by combining clinical, molecular genetic, single-cell and multi-omics approaches and use Drosophila melanogaster and cells for functional modeling of novel genes and variants.
  • Hope that our contributions to the complex genetic landscape of rare neurological and neurodegenerative diseases will lead to better treatment options and a better quality of life of patients affected by these conditions.


  • Neurogenetics
  • Neurodegeneration
  • Rare diseases
  • Drosophila
  • Multi-omics

Neurogenetics research

                                           Neurogenetics research


  • Elke Bogaert - postdoc
  • Nika Schuermans - PhD student
  • Pedro Ervilha Pereira - PhD student
  • Lauren Versluys - PhD student
  • Caroline Asselman - PhD student
  • Zelalem Banjaw - international researcher / PhD student
  • Jody Ghijsels - lab technician
  • Lotte Keymeulen - lab technician
  • Hannah Verdin - adjunct laboratory supervisor

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