Medical Services

Center for Medical Genetics Ghent

CMGGCenter for Medical Genetics Ghent (CMGG) is part of Ghent University and University Hospital Ghent (UZ Gent) and wishes to provide correct and adequate information on various questions on heredity. Most of these questions are medical, but they can also relate to coherent psychological, ethical, juridical or social issues.

Our medical service includes different types of consultation. Some patients want to know about their own risk of developing a genetic disease, others want to know if their disease is hereditary or genetic. Even during pregnancy the unborn child can be tested on severe abnormalities. Under particular conditions, children can be genetically tested. We also discuss possible psychological and/or relational consequences of genetic tests.

Program for Undiagnosed Rare Diseases

About 6% of the population suffers from a rare disease. Because they are so rare, diagnosis may be challenging and protracted.

The program for undiagnosed rare diseases (Programma voor Ongediagnosticeerde Zeldzame Aandoeningen; PrOZA) is an initiative from University Hospital Ghent (UZ Gent) to offer a fast diagnostic elaboration for these patients. Patients with inexplicable medical issues are directed to a multidisciplinary team of four medical doctors. They discuss the record of the patient of whom a hereditary cause is presumed. If the diagnosis remains unclear, the patient's DNA can be sequenced in the Center for Medical Genetics to uncover the genetic defect.