Parallel sessions: 'I cannot wait to gain experience abroad'

We advise you to attend the following sessions:

  1. “Health promotion across borders:  Thinking global, acting local” (13.00 - 13.50)

Peter Delobelle -  Senior Researcher at the University of Cape Town Chronic Disease Initiative for Africa (CDIA) and a Senior Lecturer in Health Promotion at the University of Western Cape School of Public Health.

Prof. Delobelle will elaborate on the problems, challenges and opportunities that exist in health promotion in South Africa and on a worldwide scale.

  1. Presentations by students of the Master Global Health (14.10 – 15.00)

  2. Panel Discussion (15.00 - 15.50)

The panel will consist of different national and international experts (Europe, from the South, from the North) regarding the coordination and guidance of students performing an international exchange for lessons, master thesis or internships. The panel will discuss different topics which are all related to the expectations of students regarding their stay abroad, and how they can optimally prepare themselves.


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